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Looking for emergency and recovery breakdown services for buses? Well, you certainly are on the right page. Unique Transport 24/7 can provide you with a wide range of towing and transport services including for buses. Our company specializes in heavyweight towing and buses are one of the heavyweight vehicles we handle.

Buses differ in weight and size which makes towing them a dangerous and unsafe task. But with our specialized equipment, we assure you that we are able to effectively tow and transport any bus in a safe manner. In addition to having the equipment needed for safe transport, we take pride in having skilled and experienced people who can effectively minimize any chances of accidents or damage during the towing operation.

Unique Transport 24/7 is a young company but our people are highly experienced. They have the skills and experience in providing reliable bus towing services under any and all conditions and situations. With combined specialized equipment, a wide range tow trucks for heavy haulage and experienced staff, we can provide superior quality towing service no matter what we encounter.

Unique Transport 24/7 is a dedicated towing and transport service who understands just how bothersome when a bus breaks down in the middle of the road so suddenly. It is even more so if it happened in a business area. But through our quick bus towing and recovery, we can transport your bus quick so businesses can also quickly resume their business with the least downtime.

Through our years of experience in the towing services, we are able to effectively identify our client’s needs and arrange the right services to satisfy their needs. With that, we take pride in having customers who truly enjoy affordable and expert bus towing service for 24 hours, 7 days a week.

So when you have a problem with getting a bus towed and transported, simply contact us and we’ll take care of it for you.

Specializing In:

  • All Types Of Buses

  • Airport Bus Towing

  • Ambulance Bus Towing

  • Armoured Bus Towing

  • Coach Bus Towing

  • Minibus Towing

  • Party Bus Towing

  • School Bus Towing

  • Transit Bus Towing